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Britains kverneland to fit siku and Britiains as well

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Who's got Britiains 5 furrow KVERNELAND plough?? Why it doesnt fit to britains tractors??  Last time we had to cover some manure we received from our neighbour so me and my son had to do some ploughing but unfortunately our plough didn't fit to tractor.  Finally i found remedy for that and we ploughed our fields to prepare them for onions seeding ;)   . First of all i disassembled turret from plough then cut Britains 2 link fitting. Filed bottom part of turret(i have hope that's the correct name for that part of plough)Drill two little holes 2mm exactly. Prepared my 2 link which is possible to fit in both 2 links siku and britians and screwed in. Job done field ploughed.Tomorrow im gonna attach more photos.






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Some more photos of plough. Gold welding wire is for easier attachment because turret is very close to tractor attachment and it was impossible to slide in like implements from britains or siku. For me its much better and easier attach than stock implements. Its not looks real but it must be playable.



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