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Britains kane classic silage trailer

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11 minutes ago, Paul Palmer said:

Im sure this has been asked before but is the kane classic silage trailer to high for the britains jd 3765  forager?

Yea your right Paul. They really messed up there 

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would i be right in saying that the kane trailer is set up for a self propelled forager? as all the pics of them are alongside  self propelled units, even on the kane website, hence the equal level silage sides fitted  . when you look at the trailed jds all the trailers beside them ,any brand , they have a panel missing  , normally on the right for loading  ,  i haven't  seen anyone cut the side panel down on the classic  to see if it fits then from memory, don't own either to line them up and see either ,but would this be the issue .

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Britains should have produced a trailer to pair with it..Having to resort to finding discontinued Britains MF200 & Claas tippers should not be the answer ...espeacily for the young carpet farmer who probably are not aware them trailers even exist..

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