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P&B 125th Anniversary Massey Ferguson 7726S

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Evening folks

Im new to the forum, but I have been converting all sorts of models for years such as Lorries, Buses, Rally Cars, Agricultural etc and making our own Code 3’s as well as Decals too.

We make our own decals and we are just starting to make our own resin conversion parts soon as well as plans for full resin machines  

The company my dad works for, Peacock & Binnington, it’s there 125th Anniversary this year and they have had a one off Tractor produced to commemorate this. 

Based on the Massey Ferguson 7726S, it has a one off wrap and black detailing. 

So, seem as UH make the exact model I thought I had best make a scale model of it!

Ive made a start stripping the model down, ready for a couple of small alterations and paint, and some of our own made decals. 

I’ll keep this thread updated with the progress. 





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1 hour ago, Barry said:

Interesting........is there a story behind the colour used on the real machine? 

And what colour is it!!???

Its a wrap to be fair!

They just wanted a gold colour without been too "in your face" and i think its just right.

Its the companies 125th Anniversary, so they wanted something they could take to shows etc 

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25 minutes ago, Tractorman810 said:

There was a dealer somewhere who did a matt  gold mf 3000 series way back for their anniversary from memory , peter hardy did a run of them based on the uh model , can not remember who it was dealer wise though 

Gills of Leeming Bar. 

Edit, to give them their proper name, John H Gill & son

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Stripped the model down tonight. All metal parts are now ready for stripping of there paint and then I can get onto sorting the paint out. 

I’m waiting for the wrap sample to come so I can get the painted matched up. 

Im going to airbrush this one, which is a first for me as I usually use rattle cans  

Decals are pretty much sorted too. 





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Just now, Hajo said:

Looks a lovely shade of gold, but also it looks a bit green to me ... hopefully the model you make will show it a bit more clearly. Good luck!

Yeah it’s a very light receptive colour. Looks all sorts of different colours! 


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1 hour ago, Hajo said:

Aha, thought it was more of a metallic, but it is a matt wrap. Looks great, but I don't like the black rims and cabine roof.

Ah a personal preference I think. It looks mean and moody I think. I’ve seen it with silver wheels and it looks wrong to be fair. 

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All the pieces that are getting repainted are now off the model and ready to have the paint stripped off them. 

It will soon be time to get the paint ordered and make a start!

in the mean time check out our Facebook page for more updates etc 





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