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Teagle offset topper

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32 minutes ago, Awdmac said:

Time well spent there John, great work, looks like you've had a few angles to deal with. The real thing looks like one good topper.

Thanks Paddy, it helps having the real thing to hand for measurements and angles! We've had it a few years now, it's certainly seems to be well built as there's a bit of weight in it which you notice especially when your on a hill.....I've had one or two hairy incidents in the past when its pulled the tractor across the slope but you learn from your mistakes!

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10 hours ago, Tractorman810 said:

Get the hell back to what you started john , need to see them little fords and ih’s finished first :D:D 

looks good so far i must say 

Ha ha, cheers Sean. I've not had much time for models lately, but i have been doing bits here and there......I just fancied a change from tractors for a few hours!

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Thanks all, I've said before about an hour in the morning, but to be fair there was an odd hour at night too with this one, I didn't want to stop part finished as i knew it would probably sit that way for months if i did!:D

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22 hours ago, Stabliofarmer said:

Now that's just a little bit too quick John, what you've done there is rumble the sweat shop you must be running hidden in a barn! But seriously, impressive and fast work as usual

Yes I think he doesn’t sleep! 

Brilliant work John even if I’m now feeling a bit useless slumped in front of the telly! Been a long few days is my excuse :D

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