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Clear Your Workbench - Winter 2019

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I thought this was a fantastic topic last year, as it was great motivation to get several items off my work bench.  

I would suggest we have another re~run for Winter 2019, with a deadline for compilation at the end of the year.  

My thought would be that we nominate a few projects we intend to complete in this topic, we can then share updates of our progress in the "What's on your workbench" topic.  Then hopefully come the end of the year when the projects are complete we share the finished results here.  


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I was only thinking about that thread myself yesterday.

When I sit at my workbench I don't know where to start. The number of half completed projects, and the number of waiting to get started projects is getting longer, not shorter.

I just sit there in a daze.

And that's before I look in the box I got from James Teper with the D Series kits in.

I need Counselling.

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49 minutes ago, Tractorman810 said:

i will be clearing the workbench soon, into the new shed, and i am hoping to actually be able to spend some time out there, first target i hope will be the almer salmon .

If you need space for the Armor Salmon I'd be more than happy to provide it.

In Ireland. :ph34r:

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i doubt its going anywhere bar my layout when i finally finish it stan :Dprob is i will then need to finish the beet drill, a front mounted weeder, and prob make a cleaner/loader as well. then knock into next doors loft(quietly so they have no idea) so i can display it properly .

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