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Mill of Balquindichie

Phil P

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First glimpses, based on a traditional farmstead of a large estate, like where I grew up.  ;) Based on the Manor Farm buildings from Farm Models, finished in red sandstone (as it should be) with central column added though I'm still far from happy with that. Next phases will be the elevators and conveyers for the grain store in the north wing, a new drier, futher grain stores and bins as well as cattle court for our prized pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd (when I can be bothered painting then ::);D)

Harvest fleet, the STS is in the workshop getting its grain tank pimped...




In case your wandering, Balquindichie was my Granda's farm (affectionately known as Baldies).

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Its been a bit a bit of nightmare getting this far, the first go had dome but it was so complicated getting the Octagon right I had to abandon it, plus working in the garage in the coldest spring I can ever remember was not fun and then to top it all my favourite model shop on Baker Street closed in April.  :(

That said progress from here on in should be relatively plain sailing. The drier unit itself is finished I just need to crack on and get the shed built for it. ::)

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Nice Phil, what are the buildings like??? Are they wood?, they don't seem to be to expensive either.

They are 5mm MDF and come as a flat pack. You can literally construct them in about 1 minute. Very solid built.

They don't have doors or glazed windows but thats easy to add yourself. As soon as I saw them I thought they were perfect for the job of the old coach house steading. Didn't like the roof on them too much but that was easily remedied by a pack of 99p subject dividers, stanely knife, ruler and a tin of slate effect paint from B&Q. ;)

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