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still got a fair bit to do,but all fitted body wise to the uh renault chassi,looks ok so far to,next step is change the front axel to a proper steer one,and sort out the cab,hopefully opening doors again,and rear hatch,both doors to all going well,plus paint work ect



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Great work sean but change the exhaust please need a decent sized one for the 8.4l lump under the bonnet :D :D

exhaust is gone already now,,had a bit of a chop round with her now,,has proper steering now from a UH DEUTZ FRONT AXEL,AND WHEELS ARE SILVER ,,PICS TO FOLLOW ONCE I HAVE DONE A BIT MORE

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bit more done tonight inbetween other jobs( more tractors),now sporting a moddifyed front axel of a uh deutz to give proper steering,and started work on cab now,mirrors are being replaced from the origonals as they stopped the door opening,well both of them when the others done



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chassis is getting a full respray of fergy dark grey when i get to the dealer this week hopefully,looks wrong in the light grey ,

;) ... couldn't see what was wrong with it Sean... but now you mention it... yes the grey is the wrong colour... she'll look much better in the darker grey  ;)
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nice work Sean ;D ;D ;D

I'll take 2 ::)

so was that door easy to cut ???

easier than the 590 one mate,the plastic on this siku cab is a lot softer,and all the door is marked out to,so easy to follow,only catch on this was theres no lip left under the door,like the 590,so the cab will have to be stuck in place when the work is done,

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