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Another red!

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D  Got you!!!

My new ploughing tractor....................... I might change her front wheels too I think, all the ones I've seen have lower profile tyres than the britains supplied ones.


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What makes you ask ol??

To make a tidy job of ploughing it's important that the back wheel fits into the furrow with out destorying the last furrow turned over.

If a guy was not ploughing wide furrows with 650's or bigger on the tractor the wheel would have to run the last furrow down some what because there is no room for all the tyre's width in the furrow.If you looked across the paddock once ploughed you would see small waves across the paddock because of the wheels pushing/runing down part of ploughed land.Some people put a widening plate on the frist furrow to help and some plough on-land with all the tractors wheels runing up on the unploughed land,others just simply plough a wide furrow, but there are times when turning over huge furrows is not wanted because the wider your furrows are some times it will not cover the trash or brake up the ground as well,there are pro's and con's for all methods.If ploughing on land you can use wider tyre's that would help a 300+hp tractor get it's power to the ground beter and do less compaction than if that monster was on 620's.I have once seen a JD 7810 on 620's and kverneland plough ploughing with dauls on,the driver had simply moved the on-land kit right over to one side and was runing his out side daul wheel next to the furrow.

I have meet farmers from the EU and NZ that say once you get the hang of ploughing on land it's not a big deal.

Ploughing with a qaud trac is do able with an on-land plough and makes full use of the tractors traction and pulling power.

If anyone feels I've put doc wrong feel free to say so,I don't clam to all the answers about this complex subject. :) :) :)

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no we/farmers use it to line up properly on fields, for turns ect to get it into the right tramlines or track,as can be difficult to see the front of the tractor properly with some kit on ect

Bit pointless when you have GPS though ;) ;) :D :D

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