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Busy season is almost upon us and the farm is ready for the challenges ahead, the new Lexion 6900 gets it PDI monday from the team from Manns and our first rapeseed should be fit to cut by the end of next week.  Weve hooked up one of the Pumas to do the carting and the other 175 will be on standby for the start of wheat harvest the week after when two trailers are required.

Our friends over at PHR in Essex tracked down a superbly conditioned Fendt 820 with only 6000 hours on the clock. It received a damn good polish and resprayed red rims and almost looks new.  Its already on the fleet alongside our Gen 3   716 and will do mostly odd jobs, yard work and fetch and carry.  Its sat on the front of the Claas cutterbar trailer now and will remain there for most of harvest. The 716 will be on bale hauling for a while until our 720 has finished its spring/ summer spraying commitments in a week or two.  The new 724 arrived last week and went straight on the round baler doing hay before going into some wheat fields.

The 936 has been hooked up to our Claas big baler for the next couple of months instead of the JD 6250R which did a good job last year. The 936s superior speed between jobs on the road will increase efficiency.  The 6250 has switched onto the Amazone big sprayer whilst the maize rapidly grows and our 6215 has dropped onto the digestate sprayer for a couple more weeks.

We are still a tractor short when the pressure is really on and I will be considering my options in the 200hp plus catagory. Both TNS and Doubledays have some decent 2nd hand stock and Im told their might be an ex demo tractor or two available soon as new 2021 models are due in soon. 




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Well harvest is virtually over and what a roller coaster it has been.  We started on August 1st which was two weeks later than usual and for a week everything went fine with the new Lexion 6900 performing above my expectations and our 2000 acre target looking within reach by months end. Then our neighbours harvester went up in flames, leaving him with 500 acres to cut and no readily available machine to replace it. Old George is past retirement age and was looking to do one last harvest next year and then contract out the farm to my estate, so he immediately bought his plans forward leaving us with the extra 500 acres to cut in a shortening window! Then came the cool damp weather as the crop all came fit at once. We couldnt kick on in the dull conditions as loses became unacceptable, it was clear a second machine would have to be called in, but when we rang around everyone else had done the same and nothing reasonable was left. But then came good ole Claas to the rescue, they offered to lend us one of their demo machines, an 8700 fitted with a vast convio header! Two days later we were starting too catch up and I realized this was the perfect harvester for us.  As our 6900 was virtually new it could be used as a demo machine and after some arm twisting we came to a deal. Claas took the 8700 machine away for 4 days to complete outstanding demonstrations and then bought it back and took away the 6900. We have now almost completed 1500 acres with it in 2 1/2 weeks and the header is just awesome.

We drilled the rapeseed in mid August with our Fendt 724 which then switched onto baling duties, relieving our new 936 for its cultivation duties, firstly some ploughing before its hooked to the Kockerling Vector.  The 720 has been hauling bales along with our back up 820 tractor.  Our JD 6250R has been busy with multiple tasks and is never found short on power unlike the smaller 6215R which has struggled a little in comparison. With this in mind when we were offered Doubledays demo tractor recently I quickly accepted. The second 6250R will arrive shortly after its final demonstration at Normac 2021.  Our CASE 175 has spent all summer on the grain trailer and will shortly be on a maize trailer. The Fendt 720 is going onto the drill next and then a maize trailer as we have bought another ex demo tractor to replace it on the sprayer.  I have admired the Valtra T tractor from afar for a while now and when I enquired what machines Thurlow Nunn had for sale and immediately available, the 6 month Valtra T234 was offered.  Many of the main tractor makers are experiencing big problems with their suppliers presently and the back logs and delivery delays this has caused is sending secondhand values way up! So we bought the Valtra and have sat it on our sprayer taking the role occupied by the Fendt 720 which will now be used wherever needed.  There is still a new maize trailer and a Bednar cultivator due to arrive but I suspect the cheque book will then have to be closed for a good while.








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