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Hi all,

I purchased myself a used seeder from Britains, the one probably well known, but not in my collection as a kid, i saw a whole lot of similarities between the original brand (Nordsten) and the one i was familiar to, Fiona, as i've worked for a Dutch importing-company which had this in its assortment.
So, goal was to try to make a copy of a Fiona seeder, based on the Nordsten.

Making new decals was quite easy, and a new layer of paint and laquer also.
So i will only show you the results:





It's a bit blurry, but goal is to show you the knob for setting the right seeding-distance.






Hope you like it!?



Best regards,

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I've cast some more of the coulters/ row units so I can one day make the staggered double row setup that the real ones have. I intend doing a STEGSTED which is also similar with tractor-grip wheels(in-hand for decades!) that we used for 20 years or so and later ran a piggy-back FIONA on top of the 3m ROTERRA that our 2nd secondhand FORD7600 pre-Q cab powered.

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