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looks deceiving from the pics , if it's as small as you say the the bonnet will need to be chopped down so an 856 would be about right then , ,from here the bonnet looks too long or is the cab a bit on the small side ?

how about puting in in cooking oil on some acrylic ? ;)

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That first one is some European thing something similar to 885XL and the bottom one is 856XL.

Both have similar engines but the 856 has a 9/1056 XL backend so it's a pretty heavy duty model.

As for sizes the 856XL is slightly bigger but both are 4 cyl's.  ;)

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IHP it looks brill the front of the tractor is

784 the 784 bonnets where also 885 bonnets

so realy you can only get away as ie 585 685 785 885

DT does the bonnets  for the 956 1056 955 etc those bonnets are a little taller  and a bit wider  but yous looks fine i cant see what you want to change to it  if you want to get rid of any red cant you just "black it out "

on that part of the bonnet

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