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massey ferguson 550

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well he she is so far,running on a mf 362 chassis with a standard front axel fitted and modyfied mf 6140 wheels on the rear,sanded down to take chaffewr/ford 5000(old version) tyres,only fractionally bigger than the 362 rears as suggested by marcus but look far better down to the hubs ,

only catch is on the 362 chassi i can't make the rear hatch open up as the lift leaver is in the way,so will have to add another extra bit now  to add detail up to the 575 standard,door will open but only one as this will be an ewarly silver and red cab type

arches have been cut in half lenght wise and cut back to fit the chassi,then added a fack floor to hide the cuts,only way to get it all to fit



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last 2 for now

one with the origonal rear 362 tyre which was fine dia  wise but looked way to think

and a second showing how much smaller she is against a normal 595 chassis,the rear wheel centers are lined up at the back to show how much size difference there is now

sits a bout 5mm lower,and 3/4 cm shorter bonnet wise which looking at the classic tractor mag pics looks just about right



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yea,the chunkys dont really look right to be honest marcus,but will try them out when i have finished her of ,still not sure i can get a proper front axel on at mo either, the jd one may be to wide and high and the tyres to big ,just waiting for it to turn up so i can have a paly,then hopefully able to get everything chassi wise painted up,and start finishing it of then

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if i did a 565 i would go for the same setup as the 575 i did and use the wider ros rears,as they are near as the same size in real life the 565 and 75 as far as i can see its only the 550 thats smaller i think,may be wrong though

No I think you are right Sean  ;) - the 590 was bigger than the 565 (as was a 185 bigger than a 165) but there is not a lot in it really - all 4 cylinder engines after all
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just done my version of a 550 ill post it up in a bit still could do with some hacking and jacking also made out of the 135 chassis

I dont think its as good as tractormans

but i did only whip it up in half an hour and ive killed a 595  >:( >:(

but looks ok with the  135 wheels im now after a replacement 595  :-[::)

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done a bit more today lads,got all the basic painting done,and cut the 4020 front wheel centers out,and fitted them to the 135 rims and tyres to get the right height ,also added a bracket on the chassis ready for a new item to be fitted,

chassis in the proper grey now to,which will also be adorningthe 575 soon time allowing



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not sure if you could see the brackets  on the chassis but this is what will be going onto it hopefully tommorrow all being well its a scrap 135 front loader i had with rams fitted to it,not sure what to do about the tip mech yet,so will leave it as it is for min,but do have some spare rans i might use up

just need to add the front arms and grill guard,not made them yet,then its all finishing stuff,glass,mirrors handrails ect,



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