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Bulk shed

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Big bulk shed I made for my farm a while back.Good for tipping out trailers becasue it's clear span also good for parking tractors or a  combine in.

There's room for a good load of grain/seed in that shed and loader safe because I made the walls look like cement.

The front wall is moved in were ever in the shed so that the crop can be piled up high with out spilling out the front or to keep say barley and grass seed apart if needs be.

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The cement walls and floor are made from mdf painted gray the roof is 1/2 of an irragation main line pipe with card that looks like iron stuck on top.The card seems to get flatened easy so when I redo/tidy up the shed I'll try plastic I think. :)

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Niec enough little shed mate, theres and old boy near me with a little hobby farm with a shed like this. Don't think it has walls, just a simple curved roof over a steel fram. Like a nissan hut if your familiar with them Ol, temporary military buildings popular hear the wars.

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