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Updates to Farm (Summer 2006)......

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I thought I'd start a new topic to follow on from my previous "Updates to Farm" topic as it was getting rather long...... :D

Anyway we're currently carting chicken dung into the corner of one of our barley fields which will soon be harvested......

The combine is also getting ready to come into action and we're awaiting delivery of the new 3 axled Hook-Lift trailer which will replace the Claas tipping trailer on carting duties and will be towed by the farm's 55 Reg New Holland TS135-A...... ;)

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The combine has rolled out now and would you believe it it's still the TX66M I was ecpecting a change this year but no, the TX66 is still going strong......

Pic 1- New Holland TX66 unloading into trailer towed by New Holland TS-A

Pic 2 - New Holland TM140 with Marston tipping a load of grain back at the shed

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looks like you need that new trailer to turn up. remmember carting grain with a fraser trailer not much bigger with my deutz 3.90 when i was about 15. it got changed for a 10 marston the 3.90 for a 4.57 that burnt to the ground about 4 yers later

Aye, it's not the easiest thing to be carting off a TX66 with those two I tell you mate...... :D;) ;)

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I've never actually seen one of those Peter......I've seen his bowsers, flat-beds and dumper trailers but never one of those...... :);)

Cracking pics as usual Mart... nice to see the MF200 still in service mate... althogh I suspect you only get one load in them with that big yellow beast  :-\
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Cheers Marky...... :)

I like to keep the Massey going as it's one of my classic favourite trailers, doesn't hold much as you say though...... :D;)

There'll be some pics of my Massey 7200 Combine later in the year harvesting beans which I think you'll like......

Like... I'll Love them SuperMart  ;)
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