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Mine are 1080's that Steve made...

And Ohhhhhh what a Beauty that 1100 is indeed.... CRACKING jon you have done there matey indeedy... want it want it want it - looks the bizness  :-*:-* :-*:-*

Oh yeah baby come to daddy  :-*:-*

Shall I PM you my address to send it to me  ???;)

He might want to send you the bathmat an all Marky so you can clean up the slobber  :D :D :D

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:o :o :o:D :D :D

Where am I , Who am I  :o :o

I'm shellshocked  ;):D :D

STOP messing around on a Massey Ferguson post numpty boy... get out of this room right now  >:(

Back ON TOPIC (says Mr Goody Goody)...

Can you make one more please... if you can... please PM me a price... I think one of those needs to be in the Marky Ferguson collection  ;D;)

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Sorry and quite right too  ;) Mr wonderful  ;)

So whats the difference between a 1090 and a 1100 then  ???

Dunno... they never made a 1090  ::) - the 1080 was a smaller tractor (that became the 595/1085 and 285 eventually).. the 1100 became the 1105 (part of the 1135, 1155 range)... French built the 1080 and the Yanks.. oops sorry Americans made the 1100  ;)
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