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Rice Harvest 2006: Early Rice.


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It has been rainy lately.  Our rice fields have been draining slowly because of this.

Hinton Farms

We've been waiting for a break in the rain to go out and test the rice.  We decided to get out this morning with the machines since we still had a few hours until the rain would arrive.  First thing was to attach all the carts.  We sent the 9270 to get the Rayne Grain cart.  Since the fields are muddy, we decided to also put this cart in the field, since the trucks won't be able to drive into the back of the field.


We also had to fuel up the combine.  We are starting out with the stripper header.  We don't plan to do any top-crop this year with all the acres we planted.


The combine arrives in the field.  After the first round we took a test on the moisture tester.  The rice tested about a 19.  We usually don't continue with a moisture count that high, but we weren't expecting to cut very long with rain on the way.





The rain was close so we started to wrap things up for the day.  May not come back to cut for a while.


Questions/Comments welcome

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