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Is the corgi david brown 1412 1/32 if so im might buy one and "transplant" a cab on the existing ELITE david brown 990 chassis

what do you think  :'(

She's about 1:43. I've seen a few redone with new wheels (Scaledown?) and they could be made into a tidy 990/5/6 to go beside a Britains 5000 or Scaledown 1:32 models.

The cab, which was a lot larger than other makes, looks okay at 1:32, but isn't a 1:32 representation of the real thing.

I have lots of happy memories of harvest time with a 1210.  ;D ;D ;D ;D

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I think they are bigger than 1/43 but definetly not 1/32. As SPN says the cab was enormous in relation to the tractor, but with very narrow doors! The red 990's never had DB safety cabs fitted. The DB safety cab or weather frame was introduced in 1972.

i know the reds never had these cabs im making a "red in to a "white "  ::)

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