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BGU & MGU Sunday Farm


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yeah still here! :D :D

nice farm!!

can you not turn the hitch on the blue trailer round, you should get some more space...if that makes sense :-\....i think its just on wrong ???

I'm afraid to say the hitch is the right way round!!! Crap trailer!

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Thanks. Spent half a day farming - then he wanted a Zoo! Kept the fences out and found some Britains Zoo animals!!

We need a new carpet, trying to persuade Mrs BGU we should have a green one - would make carpet farming more realistic!

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I had a lurcher to contend with. Bloody thing used to launch all me little bales across the lounge floor after Id meticulously stacked them up on my rigid with one wag of it's tail.

the spaniel we had was great, wouldnt knock anything over....the retriever though, well it looked like a tornado had passed through :D :D :D

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