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Fintans model pics - Silage


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Fooken hell, look at the size of those swathes.....  :o :o ::);)

nearly clogged the harvester picking up the grass-hopefully the lawn in the new house will be a little more even-some of the pictures look as I'm harvesting on the side of a hill.Had intended to fine tune the pictures for the comp but then little one arrived so priorities(she doing well but nights are still so so with a touch of colic.

That International looks good - more explanation please  :D :D ;)

International is from Dave and would highly recommend-lovely model.It has an exhaust but left it in the hse in case i lost it.Got the advice from some members in a prev post a few mths ago on which IH to buy

Did a couple of those fords come from the Palmer contracting fleet F4E??  :-\

I take it you recog the 2 models -paid well for them as well  ;D ;D
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