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hot on the heals of fp,heres my uh convo so far,stil needs work like the britains hitch being fitted,which is all but ready to bond on  and all the lights are going to be changed for plastic lenses,beacons,indicators , the works,bit like agriums version , but going to be a lot more detailed for my colection,thinking about adding a uh front loader of the eros to,painted up in the fergy colours

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went on really easy fp,just a little bit of cutting on the rear of the floor pan and done,the britains hitch has proved a little more taxing,but is ready to go on now,should sit the same distance out from the rear between the wheels ?as it did on the origional 6290 chassis,so won't look to strange

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Yeah looks great...and that marston in the background looks interesting :)

just dabbling at the moment,had a spare body and a chassis so thought I'd play,

on the fergy front,do they have the front a frame and loader on at the same time,or not.i know siku add both but looking for some realism on this one

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I have 26 available in the later stages of production.

I will be adding them to my website.? I first started doing them in December 2003, but havent advertised them for about 6 months now.? The price is now lower as well as I can get the model and parts cheaper.

[glow=red,2,300]With A-frame - ?30.00

With original Front Weights? ?27.50[/glow]

I keep it on the original MF chassis and swap over the front axle with mudguards, I fit the seat with arm joystick and the dashboard, steering wheel pedals etc.

twin beacons, aerial and my number plate.

They will be on the website again next week but mail me if you want to order one.


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