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my combine crew


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Those two tractors would make great donors for the two CS150s I plan on building. I'll give you(r mother) ten yoyos for the pair!

DEAL (Said very sarcastically)

Nice trailers kerry man, I really like them wheels where can they be got,need to get a few pairs for a little project  ;)

not sure where Sean got em but i think tyro toys do them

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Sean does do a spot on job with those trailers doesn't he? The greedy boards and sheet are just genius. May have to count my pennies to I think. As for combining in that terrain, do you get trouble with bedbug-seed weevil in your crop?!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Fitzgerald Agriservices

on the back door mate.  ;)

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well this is county Kerry, where well try anything any place any time  ;)

combining crew ? if thats yer motto then maybe you ought to call yerself team martini !

thats what me & another driver were called when driving tankers for gregorys , our two trucks from chard were at the disposeal of  3 other depots , so litterally any where anyplace anytime , the martini drivers !

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