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Pump and trailer

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just an idea for FP when he builds one properly soon from Resin ;) ;) ::)

all made from plastruct and was a bu@@er to do. Know what to do better next time :):-\....apart from try and keep it all square :D :D :D........or not bother :D :D :D :D

anyway it was rushed and will be binned when i do it properly  ::) ::)

first up pump ::)


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Whats wrong with that??

i rushed it to be honest :(

didnt keep the plastruct straight :(

messed the spray up (but its cause it was French blue so thats my excuse :D :D) ::)

need to move the axle further to the rear as it tips...or add some weight to it :-\

i guess not bad for proto, no what to do next though. Also think it may be a little to big :-\ :-\

and the doors were a sod to do :D :D


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Hey Ben that looks great don't bin it, and please tell us how you made it  :)

i'll keep it, cant see me doing another in the next year :D :D :D::)

just used plastruct, but found it hard to keep dead straight to be honest.....filled in some gaps with polyfilla :D :D :D :D ::)

it will serve is purpose ;)

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Superb Ben.... very nice indeed mate... now just what the hell do you think you are doing... making things without my help and advice  >:(???:D :D :D

Now bring it over to my house... so I can... er... evaluate it for a few weeks  ;)

next time as i want it built properly ;) ;) :D

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