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Pipe Trailer

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looks good to mate, what did you use for pipes in the end?

5/32 for pipes, approx 150mm long,

3/16 for connectors

48 pipes from 2 packs of Alu 5/32

connectors plus spare from 3 3/16 Alu pipes...superglued 10mm sections on ends to link together ;)

all from EMA, was best i could find after researching them. B&Q had pipes but was to big :(

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Another nice little convo there Bennyboy  :)   Looks great

cheers Scotty ;);D

had to think about the pipes as the black pipe has the same connectors both ends so in effect you can reverse the way they are fitted....if that makes sense ???::)....no....dodnt think so :D :D :D

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Ben I don't know if this makes sense but the trailers they use where my Dad works have about three central uprights with two branches on each so you get 6-8 pipes on each section. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

yeah i know the ones you mean, that was the type i was gonna do but took the easy option ;)

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Who put that fence up for you Ben?? Its on the pis$ !!  :D :D :D :D ;)

some dodgy Irish blokes :D :D ::)

it was a rush job months ago to be honest but looks better than it being straight ;)....plus its been in storage with stuff on top so got pushed about :D :D

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