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guys been doing this as a hospital job inbetween other bits at home, and i am a bit stuck

do the front wheels suit her? she now has a proper steer rear axel, although i need to change the tryes and hubs there, but i am unsure on the fronts at present, seen a couple of pics with these big wheels on, but not many



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I wouldn't break your back to find some more wheels Sean. If some come along and you want to have a tinker then fair enough but don't let the fron wheels hold your progress up as they look fine. What have you got in mind for the rear's because they arn't that far off either are they?

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Ignore Holmes Sean, they are spot on, don't go changing them, they don't look too big either, spot on. The whole combine is spot on, keep it up mate!

just thought they may look to wide :-\ :-\....i'm entitled to my opinion, he takes note of it ;) ;) ::):P

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considering i'm usually seans devils advocate for wheels , i think i should now step in & say some thing , ere they'm wheels be an backwards theesnow ! :D :D :D

  all depends what the ground on the farm is like as i dare say you could specify what size you'd like to suit your needs hardly going to ask for thin tures if there's a chance of sinking every time the tanks full , keep them as they are sean make an 800  out of her

here's what i got on mine , next to the standard as a comparison 

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mm what ben said inatially was my concern,as they do look a bit to wide, but i am alos used to the old skinnys so anything looks big compaired to those,they are of a ros combine i had started to convert into a beta, but had a small accident with that, it fell of the side /top shelf and cracked the casting, and i couldn't be assed to repair it so thats where the front sand rears came of, was going to add a set of oversized jd4020 style rear tyres onto it as the currents are mf 362 wheels and tyres,

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