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OMG... that is superb... in the extreme - Well done you...  :o :o :o :o :o

I'm sitting here with my mouth open...  :o :o

Even the wheels... it's fantastic

Well close it and stop that dribbling ;)

Great convos there Allis, prefer the 4wd one myself but as mf's go they all look a treat  ;)

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allis you are a god amongst men

there brill what is your 550 based on mine was a 135 and the bonnet, cab and floorpan

was cut to fit the 135 chassis but yours is a nicer finnish

have you ever done internationals  ;)

          The 550 follows TM810's method and uses the mf362 chassis with a 595 front axle,scratch built bonnet and 595 cab and mudguards, the biggest improvement i've made is to file out the windscreen opening to a more prototypical shape, make a big difference to the looks I think.

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allis mate, have you got a pic of the 590 and the 595 side by side mate, would be intrested to see how much bigger  it is using the jd chassis,  lookes great i have to say,

              Heres the pic's you asked for TM , as you can see the difference in size to the original Britains 595 is quite marked. the original specs for the 595 give the wheelbase as 2.63m[103.5"], which scales down to 1/32nd scale within 2mm of that of the JD4020.



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How does the song go...

The more I see you.... da da da da... the more I want you  :-*:-* :-*

Wucking Fow!  :o

I'm with you both on that one!!

What a model, I could even be tempted by one of those....... Bonfire night is approaching afterall.  :D :D :D :D :D

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