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Harvest Comp 2006 - 90's


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Again, just a bit of fun....sorry no prizes apart from a big sloppy kiss from Marky or Udi :D :D

We are gonna run a harvest comp, ok its a bit late but us mods have been busy ::)


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in this section, each entry can contain a maximum of 6 photos.

2. The pictures can show any part of harvest (Including model fires Gav ;))

3. Any tractors/machinery used in this category can be re-used in another category....... but try to keep it realistic.

4. It is ok to use older machinery in for example the 00s period considering some contractors and many farmers still do

5. A seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

6. When submitting an entry you should first try and indicate how many acres your outfit harvests and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE ;)

7. Once all the entries have been received, a poll will be created in each section where each member will have a vote (total vote number to be confirmed depending on entries)


Competition will run until October 15th, i know harvest would have finished in the real world i guess but allows some members to pick up models from Spalding


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Great lodge farm 1999

Thought i'd start somewere so here it is the farms currently covering 1200 acres all of which is farmed and run out of one main farm - Great lodge

All the farm is down to cereals of which is harvested by a brand new MF 7272 with a 20ft head, the tractors carting are the NH 8560 which now has 600 hours on the clock and bought new in 98 and has been nothing but trouble with constant problems with the gearbox most of the year it spends it time on a 4m kuhn combi drill with flotations all round. The Case MX 135 is a 97 of which now in 99 has 1800 hours on the clock and is loved by its main driver and is used for general jobs and is contracted out for verge mowing etc. Both trailers are 14ton marstons



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All of the wheat and barley acreage is baled and on this occasion we had a fendt 926 on demo for a bit in which really impressed us on the 96 krone 80*80.

In second photo you can see our other tractors a 5 yr old Renault 155 which to date has clocked 4000 hrs and used to be the main ploughing tractor but now is just used to cart bales and other duties. The last tractor is a JCB which is only a few weeks old and has covered 300 hours already on trailers and a sprayer of which will be its main duties



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Our main cultivations machine which is a NH 8670 and has been an amzing machine in the year we've had it covers all heavy cultivations and helps a local potato grower when needs be and has managed to squeeze 1200 hours in the year its been owned


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