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Cat headder trailer

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Hey guys i thourght today that my Lexion needed a trailer to tow the headders on. so i ened up atamping to make one. NZSIKUFAN will have my pics for me . Please help me in any way you can with these as i have never seen a headder trailer so i was running blind basicly

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Thanks guys. At the moment i have is est up so the 2 end guides to hold the headders on to the trailer hence why its so long. how can i shorten it and still hold it? i was thinking it needs to be a tandom. just have to find more wheels. thanks for the advice its all constructive to me and points me in the rite direction. on a side not can some one pm me how to resize my pics please. i just cant figure it out

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Diary farmers with combines what ever next  ;):D

Hey ol here is my father inlaws kit list. He is a dairy farmer, JD 4240 Jd2040 Case mxu110 jxu100 2 unerversials same (95hp old girl think its a legond??) 3 zettors( 1 working) Farmell H  Class 3m trailed mower Pz trailed mower Ufo mower 2 Kuhn rakes and 2 kuhn tedders RBX?? case baler class 4500 loader wagon NH trailed chopper 2 8wheeler trucks 5furrow mounted or trailed plough massey 6disc disc plough 2 fert spreaders (home built ) power harrow (mascho) Galagher rotery hoe amercian line tandom discs. 2 diggers 7 and 9 ton catD47u bulldozer and theres more but i cant think of it at the time.

Thanks for the input guys its helping me so much. ill post another pic when i get it rebuilt

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