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My new cabinet (With more impressive contents than Markys)


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But wheres the classic old fords matey  :D :D

Would love to own some but they are too much money for me at the moment. The oldest one ive got is the 6600 from when i was a young lad :)

I noticed that, Great minds eh!

....You just need to send me the wheels from the FX now!!  ::) ::)::) ::)

Havent you got enough already ???  ;) ;)  :D :D

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Very nice indeed... I don't know about the title... looks like a great collection you have there... was thinking about mirrors for mine... ummm... I think I might just do that now  ;)

The only thing with the mirrors Marky is the photo's  >:(

Not so bad with your portrait starring back at you, but even from a slight angle  ;) anyway I'll shut up now  ;)

Britainsnut needanother pic further right of the 8830/8730 shelf mate :-*

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