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the tractors & implements are on two peices of door mat ben & looks rather good for display purposes .

if you have time tris that'd be great , but other than that it can wait

looks great!, i think i'll have to buy a few for display purposes!...thought it may have been short cut grass ;)

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the whole plough is of ridgid design jas , but the 7 follows  6 too closely to take a decent share if it were real. the linkage to the tractor also needs a bit of modifying as doesn't articulate as well as i'd like , other than that it's  pretty well built.  :)

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yes it's my plough thomas , but it was built by someone else , 3 siku ploughs & the frame from the siku hydraulic folding rolls have gone into it , the wheels came from  a cheap farm set , but unfortunately it hasn't got a makers stamp on it

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