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John Deere 7920 - Radio Controlled 1/16th

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Hello everyone!

Here is my latest creation.

It?s an  John Deere 7920 coll. ed. made radio controlled.

This models main features is a very strong gear/differential unit and a working 3pt hitch.

Here you will see the speed controller hidden in the tractor ? on/off switch mounted in the bottom.


A medium size servo motor steering the frontwheels.



The metal rear differential is bolted to the geared motor. The gearing is 104:1 and the diff. is 2:1, giving more than enough power to the model. Above the differential you will see a digital servo for the 3pt. hitch.


The 3 pt. hitch and SCV. I have 2 channels going out of the tractor for implements. Homemade lower arms and upper right side. The top left arm is glued to an axle running in two ball bearings, the rigth side is bolted to the axle. The hitch has no problems in lifting 500 grams!!


I still have a lot to do with the tractor. I need completely new wheels because I am not satisfied with the tires. I have ordered real rubber tires to go on the front and rearwheels. Also I still need to install all the lights etc.

Videos will show later when the wheels are ready.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures till then.


Anders Kolpen

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Almost done....:

It features

- working 3 pt. hitch (lift up to 500grams/~1 pound)

- forward/reverse with motorbrake on forward function.

- steering left/right, with narrow turning radius (compared to the original ERTL product)

- homemade wheels front/rear in aluminium

- deep rims (compared to the original ERTL product)

- offset frontrims to make wider spacing

- ball bearing front and rear

- real hollow rubber tires for smooth running

- 6 radio channels, steering, speed, 3pt. hitch, lights (soon), impl. 1, impl. 2

The tractor is up and running, but I still need the final touch on the cosmetics.

Also I need the lights in the cab, fenders and grill, but I don?t have the time for that at the moment.

You already see some minor touch-ups on the tractor right now. I removed the ugly orange ?corners? in the cab, the ?side lights? in the cab and the wheels. The orange blinkers/reflectors looks so unreal on these tractors, so I removed them from all my Deere 1/16th tractors.



The wheels is a chapter of its?s own. These are made from a 4cm thick plate, cut out in squares and turned down to what you see. I took the inserts from the original ERTL product and used them together with the alu rims. I wanted the deep rims like the real tractor with fat tires. You will also see that on the frontwheels as the wheels are completely different from ERTL?s. The hub is inside the rim and the rims is set up for wider spacing. This allows me to get a tight turning radius that looks really close to the real one. I fitted the rims with soft hollow rubber tires.

Pictures of the rims:





The tractor runs very smooth with the 204:1 gear reduction and giving speed from 0-1mph IVT (John Deere) (scalespeed = 16mph real machine)

I wanted to have the feature of a working 3 pt. hitch only because my 9420T don?t have this feature :P  It?s capale of lifting up to 1 pound+? I haven?t really pushed it to the limit?.!

Also you will see the two output channels for implements, SCV (John Deere) + light channel for impl.

Pictures of the 3pt. hitch:


More to come later, when lights are added and a video is shot..... :D

Thank you for your time, comments are welcome as always.

Anders Kolpen


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Actually, believe or not, I planned a STX530 for my next project long time ago. Exactly this frame from the new 530 series features so much space. Plenty of room for big motors/gears to run this heavy tractor.

Only problem is where to get this model, ordered from US would cost too much in transport... :(

Ricky @ modelfarmer.co.uk >>

No cars or trucks in my collection. Tractors is the passion....

For now I have made an 9420T 1/16th. Full functional tracked tractor, with lights, very strong gearunits and 3 SCV (john deere :)) for implements.

The FIONA Drill and a John Deere Mulch Ripper 2700 1/16th.




As you cant see, is that the motors is changed to bigger ones. Double the size. These gives extreme power to the model. The heavy 5kg model will spin on carpet if you hold it back.

Thanks for all the fine comments, and the warm welcome to this forum.

Anders Kolpen


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