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John Deere Telehandlers ?


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Oh ....   :( I was hoping for a difference  ;) ;) I really dont know what im guna get John Deere 3400 or Merlo MultiFarmer or both !!  :D :D Which would you choose ?

I bought the Turbofarmer as there arn't any Multi's near me but with the Turbo you get bugger all in the way of attachments.

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In real life the John Deere 3200 and 3400 were out at the same time......Britains just used the same casting from the 3200 to make a 3400......Then the real range was scrapped and the new 3015's etc were brought out......Then at the end of this month no more John Deere telehandlers will be made in real life...... :'( ;) ;)

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to be correct i belive there are the 3215/3220 and the 3415/3420 witch replaced the 3200/3400. i belive the 3015 are basic machines and the 3020 are the top speck with load sells for weight readouts fitted etc.

as you say the jd line of handerlers are now no longer made but great deals on remaining stock ;) ;)

were my dad works have an 03 reg 3200, nice to drive but breaks are too keen, soon end up in the windscreen!

dont think they will stand the test of time like a jcb or 623/726 sanderson.

i have the 3200 jd and the merlo turbo farmer, i would get the merlo without question!

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