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new high lift trailer

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Superb Sean!

You going to badge it up as a Lee?

If I was going to suggest one change, I'd look to reduce the overhang at the back. Moving the weight that far behind the wheels would very likely lift the rear wheels of the tractor or snap the hitch.

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Well blow me down a F me sideways Sean... That is superb mate... WOW is all I can say.... it looks just like the 24 hi-tip as well  :o :o

Got to be a Massey then hasn't it  ;)

Must have been a real nightmare to work out... especially from just one brochure pic... Cracking work Mr P indeed... again..

That needs to be in a magazine or two mate... it's too good to keep to yourself  ;)

Makes my hours or up-loading brochures all worthwhile mate... thanks  ;)

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was it, dam eyesite,did take some figuring out i have to say, and several attempts to

as for the overhang theres a second pic on sheet two of marks stuff and the overhang isn't to far of that i have made the sides a bit to high,they prob need to come down half of the top section,more like marks pic, the basic idea from the brouchure was it gave height and reach back to from the blurb in it can you post page 2 mark?

now giving consideration to a high lift marston like marts pics a while back, have a pretty good idea how to do it after tinkering with this one

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cracking job sean

Bit jealous as i thought i was going to be the first to come up with an original new conversion but then again should have been cutting plastic and not just looking at pics

Going to be a bit different to yours, hopefully a scissor lift one based onmemory of the Bunnings 6 tonner we used to run but won't be until the new year now

Again top effort

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