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TM810 resin 3000series cab

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been trying out something for sean over the last week or so & here are some of the results of his resin cast cab & floorpan for an MF 3600series .

Unlike sean i have cheated somewhat , bu using the old floorpan as a base for the resin floorpan ,which for me makes it easier to mount onto the chassis , , sean may well try to cast this as part of the next floorpan for a straight swap onto an existing britains 26 / 36 chassis

cutting the 26 floorpan down ready for use


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as it looks so far , just have the rear windows & the fuel tank to fit, & find some steps , the glass has been cut from a CD case m not the tidyest convo , but not many of mine are , but if i can get a reasonable result with it , seans going to be onto a good thing !

sean is the first to admit that the cast for this cab isn't brilliant , a few air bubbles , a rear work lamp & n/s door is a bit messey , but all can be put right i daresay , but then , this cab has also been sat on by the dog twice , breaking the cab pillars !

my efforts are messy but then i'm trying to recreate a tractor thats over 15 yrs old anyway  :D :D

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Well, mission complete I'd say Marcus. It was trial and error so the outcome is not such a bad on anyway mate. At least it gives us an idea of what we can do and what Sean can do to improve/change/modify anything he deems needed. Nice one and very helpful to all concerned I dare say.

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really depends on what people want sean ,i would expect that many people will be looking to just replace the complete 2000series cab as a straight swap so a one peice in my view would be good sean, if people are brave enough to want to fit it to a UH chassis , then they'd be brave enough to want to cut it to fit anyway . in doing this sean yer giving people the chance to have something britains didn't offer anyway ;) 

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what like this one mate ;):D :D

was pondering doing a new 3070 for myself anyway ,with a few extras added, see quite a few of them arround this way still, seem a popular mid size tractor for the local dairy herds

i recon that was a fantastic convo sean , but i wouldn't be content with the grill , i'm afraid, , id have to have the proper 3000 series gril to keep me happy , got some tim's wheel to let yoyu have so you can drill them out fr me as i keep making a complete balls up of them !, i'll bring thenm to toy _trac with the other stuff for you !!!

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