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Need to make the roof wider slightly

edges on the roof are too sharp need rounded slightly

paint job wasn't my best effort

need bigger front mudgaurds

:o :o :o think of the money man wat you playing at  :D are you still at university then

On a year out  workin in Metal fabrications place

This show coming up is killing the bank and alll of my time

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i dought you may give up the course, models full time. wat you do on your year out then on the floor or wat

was on AUTO CAD for a few weeks

I should still be on it but i moved down to colorcote (power coating factory) to help build Generator canopies, been there ever since i like it nice and easy unless JCB put in a stupidly big order like they just did

so it flat out there then flat out at home then flat out on these bu@@ars

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Must have enjoyed your spell on one so Ricky :D :D

:D :D :D

I enjoyed getting out of it

looking good ricky

would be tempted to buy blue myself there, how do you paint them ? by brush or spray mate, as the finish looks a bit bubbley or is it just the light effect on her

Thats the prototype. brushed

Not gonna mix a donkey load of paint then change my mind about doing them

prodution runs will be sprayed

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