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man tga with extra axle

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That truck would be very good for getting around farm yards. Short wheelbase, tight spread on the tandems...she'd turn on a dime and give you a nickle's change.  8)

Sweet ride, Sparrow.

it would if one of the axles lifted finn. if it's a true double drive a farm yard would be thlast place i'd want to take it , like all double drives , crap trying to turn on greasy surfaces , but will go anywhere in a straight line  :D :D :D :D

i'm liking that a lot mike , what happened to the merc cab ?

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MJB...There are no MAN, Scania or Mercedes trucks around here, so I can't really say too much on how they operate.

However, the truck I drive here in Nova Scotia has 4-way DLO's and I agree, it can be a handful steer in some spots. But under normal conditons, it's just as easy to get around as a single drive. There are plenty of lift axles around here, but I've never seen a drive that would lift. I would suspect there'd be too many issues with the driveshaft angles to make a lift.

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Yes it is...2000 Volvo WG64...425hp/18 speed...26 foot deck...set up to put either a 26' tandem trailer or 30' tri-axle trailer. I work for the local landscaping company hauling mainly sod.



You call them double drives, we call them full tandem  ;)


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hey look tris the man drives something classy , unlike you who has to slum it everyday  :D :D :D;)

we don't have double drives that lift either finn not so much issues with drive shaft connection ,but weight issues, unless it's a rigid where double drives are fitted for tipper work , traction units are usually only fitted if they're required for specialist applications like heavy haulage or

forrestry haulage , other than that it's predominantly 4x2 or 6x2.

i drive a mercedes axor 4x2, tris has a scania topline 6x2 & pdc drives a scania streamline 6x4 theres pics of them all here somewhere 

there you go sparrowlegs , get a hiab on a trailer & get some tree trunks !

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