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ok we have had the others so its about time we ran this one as well

Again this is just a bit of fun!!


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 2 enties as this is a topic for all era's, each entry can contain a maximum of 8 photos. Please can you title the approximate era in the subject. If we get a flood of diiferent years we may split the topic

2. The pictures can show any part of the root crop harvest process

3.  Try to keep it realistic. ;)

4. It is ok to use older machinery with newer machinery as it still happens today :)

5. A seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

6. When submitting an entry you should first try and indicate how many acres your outfit harvests and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE ;)

7. Once all the entries have been received, a poll will be created in each section where each member will have a vote (total vote number to be confirmed depending on entries)

8. Competition will run until December 10th

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don't really know if this is classed as my entry or not ?

been down plymouth way today & thought i'd stop by to show off me new defender , but low what should i see over the hedge , ..........thats right Pullen Agri Services new beet harvester , so i stopped to get a few snaps ;)

getting going

then one of the older 3680's turns up

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all stopped for a while ,

so i have a chat with sean who for some reason decided to wear the dungeriees bought from e-bay , 'thats right' he tells me , 'they only cost me ?4000 & were the very same ones worn by the woman that played the violin in the video "come on eileen" by dexy's midnight runners!'

well,well,well look whos turned up now ! thats right , F-P has come down south to get a tan as it's always dark, miserable & raining  oop north ! &  mr udimore , who after walking from the passenger side of the landrover ,is now out of breath & has to sit down, he tells us that he's just been to paignton zoo thus the safari outfit , outfit ? unfit ! we all laugh out loud , ha, ha, ha, :D :D

oh my acheing sides  :-\

'ooh ! i'm hungry' says barry

'good job i've turned up then' says a voice which is hardly understandable yes that right it's the dulcet tones of the valleys, fordsonlass has turned up with a basket of goodies , there's leek pie, leek pudding,leek sandwiches, leek soup , leek cheesecake followed by homemade leek wine  & a whole bunch of other stuff that should't have but now has leek in it  :-\ , she stands there with her basket yabbering away about leeks & we all stand round & show interest , nodding & laughing when we think we should as we really didn't understand a word she said apart from something about , a leek, charlot church , & ar$e :-

oh how we laughed  ::) 

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