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now i know there not 1/32 or farmmodels but i thought some of you might be interested

these are the only three corgi models i have (mainly because of the price) they are all limited ediition

1st bulmers 124 470 container truck

2nd R S Charmicheal 164 580 container truck

3rd Ian hayes 144 530 cement powder truck

sorry about the pic quality dont know what happened

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no tippers yet i got the 2nd and 3rd models because they are from n ireland and i liked the look of the bulmers outfit, the detail is great on them :)

I have seen pics of some Corgi models that have tipping cabs to reveal engine detail etc...... :o

They are great models I think......Corgi really push the boat out with them......They'll have Limited Edition Tachograph Style certificates with them eh?

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Corgi and Tekno make some really really wonderful models. There are alot more available now than a few years back especially with the introduction of fleet replicas now.

Just a shame they are not 1/32  :(

My quest continues!!! :-[

you are 100% right tris great models just cant afford to collect corgi and farm models but if i got a 1/32 cattle truck with the same detail as corgi has i would jump over the moon! well mybe not :D

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keep ya eye out as 4c and me will have some 6wheel MAN and RENAULT 1/32 livestock lorries availible in the coming months ;)

sorry only just saw this reply sl but will you be makeing a 164 v8 580 topline 6 wheel livestock lorry and maybe a trailer for her as well  ??? ???

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The Hi-bar on the R470 you have used is the same as the R series Lo-Bar aswell Jase, they fix on the front of the bumper rather than the underside like on the 4 series. Nice livery, same as Jack Richards up Naths way around Hulland, Derbyshire. You've done a grand job mate.  :)

(Now I can see a stretched T-cab chassis with a crane behind the cab coming on!!!)

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