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Britains 6 wheeler.

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Well as a certain new member who shall remain nameless came bounding in here peeing all over my fireworks  ::)  ::)  ::)  :D

I though I better get a squirt on a do something to mine as it has been sat in a box for so long. Here is the rear bogey as it has been for most of this year!!

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nice tris mate, how are you going to make / do the rear body then? flat bed or animal version

Thanks guys, really enjoying myself lately with the Kidd spreader, bale trailers, diorama etc.  :) :)

Marky knows this bloke who knows a guy who saw a geezer say something to a dude the other day and he said that he could help me if they all pulled together and he did this for that geezer who would do a good deal for the other bloke aslong as Marky gave him some discount banana's.

Marky knows a bloke who could probably make a metal body for me. A simple flatbed with an up and over piece for the cab. Hay and straw haulage is a go go!!  ;)

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