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siku john deere loader & bucket

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dave might be telling you something you already know,but is the tipping being stopped by the little knob they fit on the loaders,the over run so to speak,i know from the barney one i bought buy passed this  by fitting the loader bracket round the arms it tipped all the way ,and didn't come out of the rams either,same applied when i shaved the knobs of the body end,the loader went higher.i know this means a new bracket,or cutting the knobs of and touching up but it really is worth it for the effect .the bottom pic shows how far it will go if you bypass or cut the knobs? .it wouldn't pass the top of a samson spreader till i cut the bottom ones,and tiped not much? further than yours with the origonal siku fork,

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i have cut away the plastic bit on the front bracket to let it tip forward more, it works ok now , i was worried about the rams coming out , but it is ok , but with having to do the mod to the loader it would be as well to sell the tractor with the bucket , weight , beacon and front grill guard,  the bale forks work well with 2 dumpy bags on .


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