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MF Drill

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I know not really original, but I thought that I would use up some spares and try one of these myself, using two, MF 130 drills I bought off of ebay a while back. This is still very much a working progress, but I thought that I'd post it as I need some advice. Basically, I need away of having a drawbar that could either be taken away of folded, for when in transport. More pictures to follow. All help would be greatly appreciated.  :)



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i use a drill htich from the 130's for mine when i do them,i add a pin through and then mount it on 2 bits of plasti strut, with holes on it, ,i also add a fold down bar from the seed drills body ,to sit in the top of the hitch to stop it folding down on its self, as they do weigh a bit when they are built,

heres a couple of pics for you, hope it makes sence



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sorry only just seen this reply

the front is just a bit of L shaped plasti strut over it, have cut of the bits where the tow hiches went so it sits flat

as for the doors,thats just the two origoanl ones cut down to size and rejoined, all i do is cut of the end 1cm from each drill and rejoin them ,then fill sand fill and sand then paint, no plasti strut in the actuall bodys or doors

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Pictures i found of my MF 30 drill something that I started back in the summer. It's 90% complete. I only used the seed box from 2 MF Britain's drills and split the lid in half so that i have two opening lids otherwise completely scratch built. When complete it will have bigger wheel and the usual weathered look

Nice to see a few classics been built

Hope the various posts spur u on to finish the drill... a must have machine for any shed




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