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Ford 7810

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I'd recommend using a lengthened 6600 chassis if you are going to do a 7810.

The chassis above is a rowcop chassis, as was used on the 7910. The 7810 was a 6cylinder engine mated to the utility chassis.

I'd also suggest using the rear wheels off the JQ6410 as they are a closer match to the wheels used on Fords than the Valtra wheels..

Here are pics of the row crop and utility chassis from Farmphoto for comparison.


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I have to say I agree Stan, plenty people have done a 7810 based on that model, and although it may look OK to the average person, any Ford fan will see the difference a mile off. Not to discourage you from doing it, each to his own after all, but it wont be 'special'.

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Not only the bonnet length, but also the depth Sean. Also the chassis clearly has engine side rails, wheras the 7810 had a 'stressed'  block, and as such, no need for side rails. The problem is that if you reshape the bonnet to be in propotion to the real thing, it no longer covers the chassis properly. I have seen them done on DX4.70 chassis' as well, but the problem then seems to be that the cab and bonnet dont line up.

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diddnt we see brian holme's 7810 that was unique also his 7610

they where nothing like RC2s 5610s converted so i would look at the 6600s aswell

too much depth in the bonnet to me with the 5610

if you cast the bonnets/power unit correct you would have some custom no doubt  ;):)

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I'd keep going with it and make a fe, someone is always going to buy this type of model Ian as it is a very fond classic. I wouldn't use the Ertl 6410 rear wheels though as they have been made at maximum track width and look a bit odd. Black strip around the edge of the mudguards, front fenders and a glazed cab and your half way there.

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