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Ros harrow conversion

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Looking good Gav......Is there anything you won't fit an OSR seeder to?  :D;) ;)

Thanks Martin, and in a word-no :D :D ;)

looks good Gav, nice little convo, more interested in the harow/drill though ;)

Thanks Ben. Did try to post that at the same time but it disappeared into the abyss by the looks of it, sorted now though :);)

Spot on Gav, just how I imagined it to look. Best start getting these done in numbers before everyone has got the harrow an doesn't want to buy another.  ;)

Thanks Tris, funnily enough i have 5 of them sitting here all in progress ;D

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i think this is for grass seeding, dont think those tines will goe into stubble ::) the tanks are designed for both jobs as they are for small seed  am i right gav

Absolutely right Mike, used for seeding grass and other small seeds such as stubble turnips where the seed basically has to be on the surface

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Gavvers... can you do a LONG post of exactly how you make a simple conversion while you are off skiving Ill mate  ???

Something EVEN a numpty boy like me can have a go at  ;)

weeeeeelllll i won't do any on the seeders as thats something you'll need my castings for ::) but i'll have a think about it and see what i can come up with :);)

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