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My first conversion/restoration

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The tractor

You will find all the parts you need and more from www.farmmodels.co.uk. If the rear linkage is ok and you don't want to split the tractor in half; it is possible to replace the steering wheel on the column by drilling the column after cutting off the old one. Then gluing the  new one on using a suitable epoxy adhesive.  Don't cut off the old one till you have the new one! Ford tractor blue and grey paint is available from what are now New Holland dealers and is available in litre tins for brushing on, or aerosol cans of spray paint. The brush on paint covers beautifully if you do it in a cold place as it dries quite slowly and all the brush marks will virtually disappear.

    The rear wings on these are rivetted on to the base unit and if you want to remove them so they refit perfectly; the best method I've found is to buy a pack of what are known as needle files, (Miniature ones) carefully file off the rivet heads and after removing the axle shaft; gently prise them away from the skid unit. when they are off they can be painted separately to give a professional look to the job. Cont.

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The tractor

When it comes to refitting them,they simply slot over the rivets again so they are perfectly located and again, glue them in place with epoxy adhesive. (make sure the surfaces to be glued are paint free). Don't try to use those hideous allen bolts, cos they spoil the look of the tractor. This is the gospel according to Will. I recently restored My DDN Super Major and, dare I say, slightly modified it by fitting 14x30 rears and picking out a little more detail like fan belts and hoses bonnet catches etc. For my first attempt; I'm  pleased with the result. I brush painted mine and the paintwork is really good. Good luck. I'm no expert just trying to be helpful and no doubt others may be able to give you some better advice. I may learn something too!
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