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wood chipper

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thanks sl  :) no idont think ill make any to sell , i dont think they are good enough for people to buy

the jd lincage is there because the original 1 had snaped the link on the side and tm send me a jd 1 (thanks tm ) :)

thats NH for you, second grade stuff  :D :D :D

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Cracking idea, don't forget the emergencey stop button on the top of the intake trap. Also, nice to see you are abidding by the rules and have the bottome sheet of the intake trap sloping downwards, this is now a legal requirement to stop people sliding down into the chipper as the push things in.. . . .it has happened. Ouch.

nice looking model and very handy too, I have a wagon and drag coming along nicely to haul bundles off to the horsey people when your done  ;)

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i now its not up to your standards but it will do me but  i think it will look alot better once its painted  :)

nice work!!!, and such a not thought about implement really!! :) :)

and there are no standards, everyone has different methods of converting :) :) :)

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