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marky & fanny's big day out !


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once marky had marked his plot out he started well & a fine day lay ahead , everybody was very impressed with the good job he was making of it .

matter of fact it was going so well he started to wave at the other members doing an equaly good job with a lovely mix of machineryfor the day

look there's powerstar waving back

hello luke says marky :)

hello marky says luke :) :)

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next up is tractorman passing in a nice 595

hello sean says marky

hello marky says sean

then comes a smart 7000 with markys best mate barry at the wheel

you look a right f*&%^ng kn*$ sat  on yer poxy red piece of *&^%^&* $?"%+= says barry

yes well f&"?! y**%$ &&,%^$$$?"!*, &*$?ing $?""er ! says marky

err....yes hello everybody :-\

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tris is also here but as he forgot to bring his cushions he's having trouble looking over the steering wheel :D :D but he is there somewhere ...............honest ,

hello tris says marky

eh ? who said that says tris  :-\

even young mart managed to bring the little grey fergie down for a day out ,

hello marky says martin

marky looks over to see how the little grey fellas doing for grip

what the F*%^ ! says marky ?

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the biggest trouble tris is having is seeing the number of his plot , so he does tend to wonder around a bit

HE'S BEHIND YOU    * in true panto stylie*

the day comes to an end & every one is happy the way it all went , laughing & joking away , but wait ...................................where's marky  ???

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marky must be enjoying himself so much he's still out there , but all the ground is ploughed ,they all cry

where was he last then ? wasnt he just in front of you tris ?

tris says he hasn't seen a soul all day, to which we can believe , but he did feel the tractor go over a little bump in the last plot  ???

the end  ;)

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