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something for under 100hp

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very nice...........

that is very smilar to the bomford turbo tiller........... me and my friend always comment how dangerous turbotillers look, you can use them at a high speed! and when you see them in action flinging soil everywere and those blades flinging around like a powerharrow, going full pelt  ha ha! fixed to a marshall......... well you stand back for sure  :D :D :D

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yep a turbo tiller I only used one once in the dark  ;D i thought it was foggy

but did a wonderfull job when we looked next morning leveld the ground out

that we just took on to a treat  i cant remember weather they had folding left and right sides or they where the width of a tractor with duels on set at 72" or not  ???

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I think NCC has something that resembles that in 1;1 scale.  :)

Indeed I do ;D ;D

Falcon sampo harrows I think there called, still make a decentish job, but I personally think your better off with a big set of discs. Got a bit more depth ;) ;)

Let me know if you need anymore pics etc ;)



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