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Do you have farms in the UK that raise yard grass?  It is a big business in Idaho in the United States.  I am going to set up a display of a sod farm.  Mostly equipment in the field.  I will be getting sometime this coming year pallets from Marky, and Doc will help me get the rpm trailer and I have Doc's green valtra on floaters which are used on sod farms.  I have a flat bed truck and a john deere loader.  I will look at a craft shop soon for the sod material.  Im also getting the Ros harrow or we call spring tooth which will be used on the field just before reseeding.  I need to look for  grass seeder.

It will be fun to set up once I get all the kit together......

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Rick...take a look here: www.elmsdalelandscaping.com That is the outfit I work for.  They are very big into sod production. In the peak season, there are 3 tandems (700 sq yds per load) and 3 tractor trailers (1400 sq yds per load) on the road. The tandems do average of 4 loads per day, the trailers average 3 loads.  They use Brouwer turf harvestors (www.brouwerturf.com) There is approximately 10 farm tractors used (NH, JD, and Massey), not counting the old ones that are lounging around here and there.

I've seen just about all aspects of the operation; let me know if there is anything I can help you out with.

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