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thyregod T-7

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after seeing the amazing job that gav has done on his beet harvester i thought i would give it a shot

i actualy started this a few weeks back but i had to stop because i ran out off material and gav had had the rest of it from the shop

so yesterday i went and got a load because they got there stock in a few days ago

and this is what i managed to make out of it yesterday and today.

first pic the real thing


and my attempt so far



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nice progresss, are you two competing ;):) :)

i'll take one as well :) :) :)

i dont no about competing because this is my first model made from plastruct but its very easy stuff to work with, i will be going and getting some more bits tomorrow and then i will be able to finish putting detail on the tank but untill then i will be starting to make the main body of the machine.

i dont no if i will make any more of these but if i do then i will let you know

i also have a little project i may start today using some of the bits i have left over

pic's comming soon  ;)

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So matty, do you have some drawings, measurements for this and where do you start?? ???, i often think that would be good to build or i should try that but is the starting i have the problem...thats why i'm waiting for Gav to make a beet cleaner :D :D

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made a few slight changes to some of the parts because some bits were a little long so they have been cut down a bit

i will try and get some more done tomorrow because i would like to get the topper attached, but in the morning i am going to the farm to have a little drive about to brush up on the skills because i have my tractor test on the 19th so i wana get as much practise in as possable

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  • 2 weeks later...

just waiting for some bits that i have plasticwelded to fully harden at the so when they have i will get some pics uploaded

i have made a good bit of progres on it i think because i have made a new topper because the other one was not wide enough.

i have got most of the frame for the litfing system made and have got the oppel wheels mounted (thanks to gav for supplying them ;) ) and made mostly all the hydrolic rams

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finaly managed to get some

as u can see i need to raise the back a bit to make it level but i will do that after the next supply run because i thought i still had some bits left so i didnt bother getting any bits that size.

first of all the tank rams



the full machine



topper and lifting unit up and down



harvesting position and road position



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