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VP Farms 2007


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Well its a New Year on Hinton Farms.  That means the rainy season has started and the fields have started to fill with water.  It also means that the crawfish traps will be set in those fields soon.  We decided that since the weather is mild and it is much too wet to do anything else, we were going to inspect our rice planting equipment.

First up, I had Dwayne pull the 9270 and chisel plow up to the shop.  After we set it up for New Years Plow Day, one of the guage wheels broke, so that needed fixing.  There was also a hydraulic hose that was about to bust so we replaced that too.


Next are the waterlevelers.  We have to inspect these closely, you don't want to break down in a flooded field with one of these.  We had to do a little bit of welding to the one hooked to the stx.  The one on the John Deere had a few more problems that needed to be fixed.




After the waterlevelers were done, I sent Dwayne to the old farm to pick up the bufalo and the chisel.  We used these on a limited basis, mostly for rutted land and old crawfish lakes.



The buffalo was still in good shape, but the chisel needed a lot of work.  There were a few missing shanks, and a wheel that needed to be replaced.


I sent Craig out to the Deere and Case dealers to get some new mud guards for the STX and the 9220.  We put them to guard the exposed parts of the engine from all the water and mud during the waterleveling.

Well thats all for now.

Questions/Comments Welcome.

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After about a month of rain every two days and very cold weather (by our standards) the sun has finally showed his face.  Temps have been in the 70's for the last two days and the water sitting in the field has made it perfect to start our rice work for the year.  There were still adjustments to be made to the equipment.  After the chisel plow was set, I had Dwayne fuel up the 9270.  It will be running the chisel over most of the old soybean land and land without ruts. 


Craig went out with the stx and the buffalo/chisel combo to run over some of the old rice field fields we left ruts in last year during harvest.  This is tough even for the 375 horses on the stx.




After Craig finished, he went back to the farm to switch the waterleveler back on the stx.  Bobby was already on his way to the field with the 9220 and waterleveler.


Dwayne finally got to the field.  This was some of the old soybean ground from last year. 


Unfortunatly, when we move from cut to cut, we have to fold up the wings on the chisel so it takes up some time, but 15 years ago, we wouldn't have been able to even plow in the water.


Meanwhile, the others started waterleveling the field that was buffaloed earlier.





While waterleveling, levees tend to bust, so I had to come with the 4755 and repair the levees as they broke.


After the field was waterleveled, we sprayed some fertilizer over it with the crop dusters.

Thats all for now.

Questions/Comments welcome.

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Another great journal David, had to be your best so far. The real mud adds to the efect of the photos, some of those look real! Send some of that 70 degree weather up please, it's only been in the 20's here.  :'(

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