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8670 new boots

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certainly changed it's appearance somewhat !

would have liked to of had them in closer but was restricted by the cab mountings under the mudguards

would like some fronts to match ,but will have to wait for those , if i ever get round to changing them at all ::)

FORD 8670 next to a G240 still on the original wheels

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Just had a look at my G240 and I reckon good old Mr Dremel is your only man to solve the wide track issue. Nip off the two lugs under the mudguard and fashion a new clip for holding the cab in place. I've seen lots of G/70s fitted with Atles wheels, so they must have removed the lugs to make those fit properly.

The TSA fronts look very well too.


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the tractor is cast in two halves sean ,

mike i think i'm more likely to get wider fronts ,

i don't think i want to start cutting the cab mounts about stan

i would have to agree with mike in the fronts look fine , i think its the width at the back that throws it out slightly mate, but as its your only one then best not cut it up at min eh, keep her till you find another ,that you can chop ect ok

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looks are decieving sean .trackwise if you look at the two together in the pics , the old wheel center of the tyre is just inside the edge of the mudguard & the UH centers are just outside the edge of the mudguard . so there really is just mm's in it for wheel spaceings

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